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The Value of a Killer Crew

If the crew can “kill it”…keep um! The value of a great makeover crew is beyond words. Let’s face it; a FLIP investors just would not be able to do what they do without enlisting the services of a great contractor or crew. The FLIPPING world is managed in one of two ways either the FLIPPING investor acts as an owner builder and builds a crew of his own. Or a General contractor is hired to manage a project for him. Either way the task of making a FLIP into a great makeover and profit falls into the task a good reliable crew. As an investor, it’s important to continuously communicate with a good Forman of a crew so they can get to know and understand your particular FLIP or HOLD standards. Consider it time well invested to take your crew to a local Home Depot or Lowes and walk them through every aisle and point out what you prefer as an acceptable rehab standard for your projects.
It’s critical to establish realistic well planned budgets for your rehabs, and then track the progress of your crew and their costs in order to build a solid rehab costs basis. Tracking crew time performance and costs will only make for a more efficient investment machine for you future FLIP projects. A good crew will be there to trouble-shoot being the best eyes you have on your investment.
Always remember, the crew is a human workforce and humans need to know how they are doing. Praise a good crew when they’re doing a great job, and discuss problems with them when they are not. One of the best investments you can make in your crew is provide a scheduled lunch for them….imagine a $30 investment of burgers and fries over 4 weeks of work. That’s a $120 investment in crew morale. This equates to crew morale multiplied tenfold! Walk the job site after lunch with the crew; these scheduled lunches will show them you really care what they do for you. Often you’ll see extra time taken or care given for your project imply because of it.

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