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Stage it Right!

Staging property is an element we bring to every sale no matter the level of home, buyer, neighborhood or price point. We find staging is often an overlooked part of investment success because unseasoned investors don’t appear to understand its value to a sale. Staging is the art of suggesting the possibilities!

Tract home builders and developers build stage models because it work and as investors, you should too. Throughout our history of investing, we’ve seen our competition on market before us with no sale until well after we flip and close while they remain unsold.

As we see it, 18 years of witnessing this spells an important success point to pass along. If you’re not capable of staging it yourself, try allocating a small budget to your rehab and find a local staging company to manage it for you.  Another option is to try reaching out to friends, real estate agents, a local college, a neighbor or spouse…anyone with the slightest creative talent can stage. Once you stage for sales, you’ll likely find you’ll never go without it again!

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