How to Flip Houses By Keeping All Your Marbles

Imagine a cool box of marbles. Now imagine the box is your real estate portfolio and each marble in the box represented a different piece of your real estate portfolio. Some perform better than others and some are even your favorites. The real estate game presents so many options and due to its inherent value; it can be traded or exchanged to improve the overall portfolio.

Real estate is a constant yet steady commodity always there and generally always needed by someone. To have a fully diverse portfolio, means that you can have some performing as a HOLDS paying down the mortgage counting down to a terrific residual income. Or for that matter some can be used for FLIPPING creating a nice income boost to your existing investment base.

Real estate investors are a unique breed, they know why they do what they do; they believe in it and know traditionally it’s a strong performer especially over the long haul. The great part about the real estate investment business is that it affords diversity within itself. At Fliptechs, we enjoy answering hearing your real estate investment success stories and welcome answering any questions or seeing comments you have for us. Join us in building strength and diversity in your portfolio….like a cool box of marbles….