Can We Keep Him?

So one day I got this message on my iPhone that read; ”Hey can we keep him?”… The attachment was a picture of a new neighbor on one of our new flips. My response, NOPE, but  please call  Gopher Busters.

Cha-ching! Here we go again with another unexpected expense!

Most often when you purchase a distressed home the yard has been severely neglected.  Important fact; a dry neglected yard is different than a watered neglected yard. In many areas where there is dry un-irrigated lawn area, this is breeding ground for gophers who build complex tunnel compounds on your property rent free. Unfortunately, these little guys need to move on to greener pastures because as we green up our yards for sale, their mounds will make buyers run. FLIPPERS should be ware and plan for gopher expenses if the home has dry un-irrigated lawn areas because we activate them when we start to irrigate and clean up FLIP yards. The minute you see the first mound call your own version of Gofer Busters because the sooner you get rid of them the better.

My first gofer experience taught me well. It was a more extended project because we added on to the house keeping us in the project for 6 months. I noticed we had front yard gophers…I ignored them and thought they would go away. By leaving him un-attended, he started tunneling under the house into an interior wall plumbing clean out. His burrowing had us removing  two five gallon paint buckets of dirt for over a week until we invited him to gofer heaven…Moral of the story…take gophers seriously…they can cost you!