Bathroom Green

Bathroom remodel

Bathroom remodel. Probably one of the most popular types of remodel projects in home renovations. We all know how critical the bathroom is in selling or owning a home. A bathroom remodel is really no different in the spectrum of what buyers look for when deciding to purchase a home than the kitchen. When determining the bathroom remodel rehab costs against retail sales value with bathrooms…Go for it! If for no other reason than because total bathroom make over’s will usually assure the appraisal process will end up in your favor. Buyers are savvy, understand and are advised of what FLIP investors spend on their rehabs because appraisers ask for a cost breakdown during the appraisal process. However, the most critical part of the buyer’s arsenal is the “home Inspector”. It’s important for a good FLIP investor to understand that appraisers have a standard statement advising new buyers to have the home inspected by a certified home inspector. Furthermore agents and brokers are advised to do the same. Much of the responsibility falls upon the seller to repair and disclose a home’s condition. Showers and tubs are critical. That being said, it’s in the interest of the FLIP seller to spend quality dollars on a bathroom make over’s. Even more critical is for FLIPPING investors to have the sub floor inspected during the process to make sure any past water damage was repaired.

As for finishes, fixtures and surface materials, it’s wise to add a few extra bucks to make your bathrooms unique. In this area, good close out specials at Home Depot and or Lowes are great ways to stretch out your budget because a few extra bucks spent on tile bands in tub surrounds or tub enclosures will push the bathroom into a full custom look. Sometimes, old tubs in excellent condition can be glazed over with epoxy glazing compounds. These finishes are not the same as a porcelain or fiberglass tub, but will last a long time and freshen up a tub.

Cabinets are another critical part of the bathroom remodel process. Bathroom cabinets have changed so drastically from the 60’s to current times. A FLIPPER used to be able to simply paint a cabinet add some new hardware and tile a top with new sink…TODAY, it’s better to take advantage of the creativity in bathroom cabinetry, fixtures and sinks. This is another area where terrific bargains or display sales are often sold drastically discounted.

As seasons change so do displays in big DIY stores. Many times a display is taken apart and complete bathrooms are sold at less than half the original cost. Installing these components into a bathroom is one advantage a FLIPPER can use to bring higher resale values to a home. A two tone color scheme is another great finishing touch. Whatever ways you decide to make over your bathrooms always remember to keep the bathrooms at the top of your priority list… will always pay off!