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Landscape Design Increases a Homes Market Value

photo-Optimized  Landscape design increases a homes value…what an understatement! The design on this project started out as a simple request to build a retaining wall to give our clients an additional 6′ of usable yard space. When meeting the client for the first time, we educated them that landscape design increases a homes value and if we increased the usable area further, they would really see a transformation in not only yard use, but property value.P1018109-Optimized




P1018008-OptimizedAlthough a new tract, of homes in Beaumont California…many of the homeowners simply hired contractors to push back a huge 6″ tall retaining wall 6′ and call it done…For the same budget, we on the other hand designed a plan to push the wall back 6′ with the first 3′ retaining wall and then another 6′ with an additional wall, giving the yard 12′ more feet of usable area. By building the walls in 3′ high increments, it allowed us to build smaller footings and avoid extra engineering costs. Most importantly, giving our clients more value for their dollar.


By doing so, our clients got a landscape design which gave them an additional citrus and garden area they would have never had on the second tier. The first tier gave them an area to play bocce, shoot horse shoes or play catch with their kids. The balance of the landscape design was to give them a terrific gabled patio with open rafter trusses, a built in sheer decent wall fountain, a fireplace element, bar area, beautiful flower beds, trees and grass areas. The end result was in fact we proved that  the landscape design increases a homes value!

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