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Design Budget Makeover

a design budget makeover, less than 5k can be extremely rewarding. When it comes to a design budget makeover, having a fun client can make all the difference and ultimately, make us want to do even more than what we were contracted for. In the case of this home makeover, our client was a blast and the entire transformation had to do with their desire to have their family more involved around the dinner table. The solution for us was simple. Simply re-arrange the key room design and it will happen naturally.IMG_3814-Optimized IMG_0192-Optimized

The three rooms in this design budget makeover were the kitchen, family room and living room which had the dining room in it (away from the kitchen)…there was a solid wall between the living room and kitchen and the budget wouldn’t allow for tearing down the wall. So what to do? The family room had a TV and at dinner hour the family would have to leave their favorite shows to sit for dinner in the living room…rushing through dinner or sometimes not coming at all became the standard. Simple solution, realize a TV is a part of being a family now and use the family room as the dining room and hang the TV over the distant living room fireplace wall! This configuration aloud the TV to be seen from the dining room bringing the family together to laugh or watch together while enjoying a meal.


Although, paint and a style upgrade were part of the scope as well, so was budget. With less than a 5k budget, we transformed the three rooms and even had a few extra bucks to design a 2 man work station in their office. To save a few bucks we concrete stained the family room floor after ripping out the carpet, we accent with paint and even created a unique mirror wall with a series of old framed mirrors our client had (see insert). In addition we created a bar seen here with three bar stools in front of it. This gave the clients and additional room element they never had before and created another fun area for parties overlooking what used to be a family room and now a dining room.IMG_9360-OptimizedIMG_3813-Optimized

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The greatest part of the project was the day we received a text from our client mid stream on the project…although the entire project was not complete, the furniture had been moved into place. The text was a picture of their kids sitting at the dining room table together watching TV and eating…the text simply read “priceless”…we agreed and that’s why its the featured image to this post.