368 Mobile Home

368 Mobile Home

SALES PRICE: $70,000

So mobile homes are depreciating assets right? They simple move down the road and are never worth anything right?… WRONG! The reason for this amazing project is because we have defied all the odds and proven they can be very worthy investments for FLIP opportunities.

So we hear about this run down terribly distressed mobile home in a great area a few miles away from a beach community. We here it has legal issues and funky people living in it. Sounds like a great time to purchase…So we did.

Among our due diligence for this project we had to make sure the park managers were in agreement with us doing this project, especially due to the close proximity to neighbors and the amount of construction and traffic we create. We won over the park management and neighbors who quickly realized that what we would do, could only improve their circumstances and quality of living.

Like all other projects, special consideration was given to kitchen and baths. We re-configured windows and sliding doors and filled it with light. We brightened it with skylights, fresh modern paint themes, appliances, fixtures and modern flooring treatments.

The exterior took on a usual importance in the design, but with a smaller façade than a house, we were able to create more detail for the same types of budgets we use on traditional SFR projects. We built detailed columns with bird house vent and even a weather vane. Oversized pots billowing with fresh new landscape and metal yard art simply completed the place and generated the curb appeal to set it apart.

We staged the patio deck and hung the flag on the final day.

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