Home Projects: Del Norte

Purchase Price: $85,000
Sales Price: $132,000

Now this is one of our interesting home projects. This house has a great basic layout and design set on a corner lot with high traffic visibility. it sits walking distance from one of our rentals so we know the area really well.

Title shows it a 3 bedroom 1 bath and 1,435 square feet with a funky laundry room addition on the back of the house with an unpermitted ½ bathroom. This is where it’s always important to tape it off when you purchase for a better understanding of knowing the real SF of your purchase. By taping this house we discovered the Square footage on the tax roll was different than the actual house, always good to know. It also had a converted garage with reflective mirror sliding door, which really had to go!

Although the kitchen looked tired, the cabinets were in good shape, so we saved, painted and dressed them up with Nichol finished hardware. Granite counters and a mosaic backsplash only behind the stove area transformed this kitchen. To further modernize this house, we opened up the wall to the living room and added a matching granite counter with pendant lights.

Last but not least was converting the garage back to a more usable room. It already had AC and heat ducted to it, but with an un-insulated ceiling. We dropped a ceiling and flew a fan. In addition we hung a new working garage door in the front of the house. We set a full divider wall 3’ back from the garage door so the new owners could have storage.

Attaching 1”x6” window frame trimmings & painting them in contrasting beige and adding custom made black shutters really dressed it up on the street. We did our usual trip to Micheals and Walmart for silk flowers for the pot shelves and brought in landscaping including a plum tree to shed some privacy from the corner lot. The finishing touch? Flying the American flag of course!