252 Cerritos

Take a beat up house with a green pool, a great area in central Palm Springs. Add the elements of 1960’s mid century architecture with amazing tile and organic stone work, shake it up (for a few weeks) like a fine martini and what do you get? Answer, a great looking home fit for entertaining with modern style in a terrific neighborhood!

252 CERRITOS DINING W POOL   252 cerritos pool fav mtn


These were among the many components of our Cerritos Drive property. This home was torn up from top to bottom, front to back yard. Complete new kitchen, all windows and entry doors. Walls throughout were re-engineered and blown wide open. New architectural elements were built for new fire place, a martini bar, a 3rd bath and guest suite…all new.

Sliders with court yards were built in the front of the house to capture the breath taking views of the massive mountains. A new carport and step stone driveway were built as well creating depth and dimension to the front of the house. The back yard exploded with potential. Landscape was completely redone. Imported Italian glass tiles were built into the remodeled pool, exterior entertainment and sunning beds and fire pit were built all showcasing the picturesque mountain views. What a show stopper!