149 Mobile Home

SALES PRICE: $90,000

So take a unit in a great southern orange county mobile home park. Add a few miles to the beach. Mix it with a great make over team. Through in a wonderful park management company and what do you get? Answer, the ingredients for a great FLIP on a cool project with a very happy buyer in less than a month.

Our 149 mobile home project created so much buzz because it was a visual plethora of transformation! A fresh contemporary dramatic color scheme plus new front façade architectural elements jumping in white, built in an all new curb appeal. This unit had great bones, but we still needed to open a few walls to modernize the floor plan. Inviting new custom designed floor tiles and huge amounts of new white wood work made the interior alive! We even built an electric fireplace as a central focus in the living room for warm cozy nights.

The highlighting element to this home was the big yard. We built the perfect transition for the coastal outdoor living experience. The oversized raised deck and privacy screens pushed the instant sale before the unit was fully rehabbed. By the time we hoisted up the red white and blue…..the buyer was moving in the next day.

  1. Margie

    Wow…awesome rehab on that mobile home. Excellent job. We are doing this 1998 …then selling it …and the land together…so we can get rid of those dimwits who we have our mortgage with. I sure hope we can do a good job. Awesome job! Loved watching it all come together, the sense of humor is great.

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