Exterior Design

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Landscape Design Increases a Homes Market Value

  Landscape design increases a homes value…what an understatement! The design on this project started out as a simple request …

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Passageway Custom

How to Add Color to a Dull Backyard

I’m out here today on a project that needed a quick cleanup in the backyard. I simply added patches of …

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Making the Green Before You Sell!

One of the best things you can do for your FLIPS is to start “greening” the yard the minute you …

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Stage Everywhere-Know a Little More About Interior Design

Staging is not only for the interior…this was a table set near the front door to dress up the porch. …

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Shutters After

Just Frame The Windows

Just frame it!….yeah, everyone knows the front door is important, but, if you really want to wow your buyers, framing …

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Tips Awning

Inviting the Shade!

   Inviting the shade….Make your flip better than any other. Whether the home is vintage or new, awnings are not …

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American Flag

Home Makeover- We Wear The American Flag Proudly

When it comes to patriotism nothing says you’re an American like flying the American flag. The business of FLIPPING is …

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