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  • Dad Cerritots Poola 2 Custom

    The Right Tile for a Modern Pool

    Hey guys, here’s a quick update on the Cerritos Project pool. It’s turning out great! We’ve just installed glass tile that was imported straight from Italy! Stay tuned for more videos on this project.

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  • Dad Ogni Green Tip Custom

    Save Money by Going Green!

    Hey guys, here’s a quick tip on what to do with old left over cement from around your house. We use the cement that we demo’d out from the driveway and spread it out throughout backyard to create a sitting area and a walk able …

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  • Dad Cerrits O Bathroom Custom

    Save Money on a Modern Bathroom

    Here’s a Quick Tip on how to create a modern looking bathroom without going over your budget.

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  • Passageway Custom

    How to Add Color to a Dull Backyard

    I’m out here today on a project that needed a quick cleanup in the backyard. I simply added patches of white flowers for landscaping and emphasized the color red on the patio furniture and BOOM…it brought back some life to the backyard! Watch as it …

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  • 20th-century-spanish-colonial-house

    20th Century Spanish Colonial House | Day 3

    Hey guys, welcome to another day of the Sierra project. There’s been a lot of progress up to this point and today we’ve got the walls torn down and the major obstacles tackled and out of the way! Enjoy!

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  • Dad 25325 Day 3

    Mid-Century Modern Home on Cerritos St.

      Hey guys, here’s a quick update on the 252 Cerritos project in Palm Springs. In this video you’ll get a peek at the aluminum fencing that we chose to use on the outside of the house to add to the modern, mid-century feeling of …

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  • Iris Dads22

    How to Flip a Spanish Colonial | Week 3

    Hey guys, here we are at week number three on the Iris project in San Bernardino. Things are moving along great this week on this house flip as we’re just now installing the awnings to the front of the house for more curb appeal. Watch …

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  • Andreaed Dad Custom

    How to Flip a Mid-Century Modern Styled Home

    Hey guys, here’s a look at yet another upcoming project from Palm Springs on Andreas St. which is less than a minutes walk from our current project on Cerritos St. As you can see this house has a very large backyard which we will most …

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  • Dad211491

    149 Mobile Home | Demo Day

    Hey guys, here we are on day three of the 149 mobile home flip project and its demolition day! Watch as we tear apart some of the existing walls in the kitchen to brighten and open up the room. Not only are we ripping apart …

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  • Tra Dads

    368 Mobile Home | Day 1

    Ok, we know mobile homes can have a stigma attached to them. We’re here to bust through that myth! Why wouldn’t they be considered profitable or even investments. Here’s why…Watch this gem. It’s a money maker!!!

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