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  • BV Post 2

    A Full Bath at a Fraction of The Cost

    As a flipper, we want to get the best value for the simplest price on every square inch in a house. Bathrooms and plumbing areas always being the priciest rooms to build; so wouldn’t  be a relief to double the value at a tiny fraction of …

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    The Value of Natural Light

    I can’t speak for everyone, but even I who relies on natural light as a business resource, take for granted the enormous value of natural day light. So often I find a home that just screams to me “I need light!” When I have a …

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  • Passageway Custom

    How to Add Color to a Dull Backyard

    I’m out here today on a project that needed a quick cleanup in the backyard. I simply added patches of white flowers for landscaping and emphasized the color red on the patio furniture and BOOM…it brought back some life to the backyard! Watch as it …

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  • 149 Mobile Home Makeover

    149 Mobile Home

    PURCHASE PRICE: $24,900
    SALES PRICE: $90,000

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  • Shutterstock 104568377

    Making the Green Before You Sell!

    One of the best things you can do for your FLIPS is to start “greening” the yard the minute you purchase…or even better yet the minute you know you are going to close. Typically it takes about four to six weeks to get a lawn …

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